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Print Publications FAQs

Answers to some of our most
frequently asked questions from customers.

Because we work with customers to help optimize their print runs to meet demand while securing the best cost-per-piece and minimizing unnecessary overhead or waste, our threshold is based on a total annual print run quantity, not on just a single print run. As a general rule of thumb, our customers print a minimum of a few hundred booklets (manuals, journals, standards, etc.) annually, and can produce up to tens of thousands in a year. In some cases, that annual volume is made up of just one piece or title, while other customers have an extensive publications library consisting of hundreds of different titles.

Absolutely! We can work with you on a variety of shipping and delivery options. This includes any combination of bulk shipment to one or several locations and delivery to individual members at their homes or offices.

In addition to print, we can also provide fulfillment services at our on-site warehouse. We will work with you to determine the right inventory levels that provide the best price-per-piece while eliminating unnecessary inventory waste and make it easier to order and track your materials.

Not to worry! There are many situations that cause demand forecast to be difficult—including launching a new publication or updating an edition. We provide several options to provide greater flexibility with your print runs, including our MicroInventory™ and EasyPrint™ solutions.

Each year, we work with hundreds of associations, non-profit organizations, association management companies, corporations, and other organizations to print and deliver educational content to members.

We welcome the opportunity to be included in your RFP process. Please send your proposal to A member of our team will reach out to confirm receipt and next steps.

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