Conference & Event Program Printing

Conference & Event Program Booklet Printing

We print program books, conference proceedings, and scientific posters for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events.

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We are the only printer who specializes in conference program books and proceedings

Omnipress is not your typical commercial printer. For over 45 years, we have specialized in printing materials for conferences, including: program books, conference proceedings, scientific posters, event signage, and other event promotional materials.

We are specifically equipped to handle the quantities and specifications needed for conferences, quickly and cost-efficiently.

Choose How To Print Your Event Program Books and Proceedings

Omnipress offers two options for printing your event materials.
We’ll help you determine which is best for you based on your budget and attendee preferences.

Print your entire quantity at once and ship to your organization, an event site, or to attendees’ homes.

A unique way to provide printed materials just to the attendees who want them, at no cost to your organization.

Conference Program Booklets

Choose Your Booklet Binding and Finishing Options

We offer a variety of binding types, tabs, and other finishing options to increase the quality, usability, and durability of your event program books.

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Print Scientific Posters & Event Signage

Having a poster session? Gather all scientific and research posters from presenters and have them printed and delivered to the venue in time for your event.

Print informational foamcore event signage to display around the conference venue.

Conference Welcome Kit

Swag Bag & Kit Assembly

Not only can we print your event’s program books, we can also kit them together with sponsorship materials and premium items.

Your staff or sponsors can send us items directly to assemble and ship.

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conference printing custom kitting assembly welcome bags

More Event Printing

Promote your event with printed postcards, flyers, pamphlets, custom printed folders, notebooks, and other promotional materials.

We also offer design support to help you create printed materials that reflect your brand.

View file and print specs.

Conference Print Pricing

Conference Print pricing quotes are based on:

  • Print quantity
  • Page count
  • Finished size
  • Number of colors
  • Paper type
  • Binding type
  • Finishing (folds, perforations, etc.)
  • Shipping destination and delivery timeline
  • Print-ready file

Cost includes time and labor of your Omnipress project manager to oversee the planning, proofing, delivery, and production of your project.

Not sure if print fits in your budget this year? Having difficulty predicting how many you’ll need?

Our EasyPrint™ solution may be just what you need. Deliver a printed book just to those attendees that want it, at no cost to you.

Printing Books for Conferences: Frequently Asked Questions

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